Conditions of Use

You must request a license via the contact us form,if you wish to use any PU tubes sold at FwTag Creations store. Please see About Us page for more details on how to request a license. Signing up to this site does not give you copyright rights over any product or image contained on this site. Purchasing or downloading a free product from this site does not give you copyright rights over said product. All products on this site with the exception of some free products,are all PTU- Pay To Use. You are required to join the site in order to purchase products or download free products. You are not to share your account with anyone else,if this happens then your account will be suspended until further investigation. Please note FwTag Creations has a zero tolerance policy for sharing of products. Anyone found to be sharing or suspected of sharing products will have their account banned and will banned by IP Address from accessing the store.Please keep this in mind before shopping. Reversals are not allowed here and should you reverse a charge without FwTag Creations approval you will be banned from the store no questions asked. Also if FwTag Creations is notified by another store you are doing charge backs you will be banned from this store too as well. All downloads contain a TOU of file,please be sure to read this,so you know what you can and can not do with each product. Personal products (PU) purchased or for free are not allowed to be used for money gain for yourself or a friend or company. All products are not allowed to be used for illegal purposes or for any kind of bullying. If you have any problem with the store or any products,please contact management first before taking your issues to social media sites. Please be aware the owner/management is timezone GMT London England Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. You may not repackage/re-upload any product and claim as your own. You must use your license number when you use any PU tube from this store. You are not required to use a license number with scrap-kit only creations. Each PU tube download will contain a file on how to credit the artist,please read this and follow the instructions. Credit should be - artist copyrights, - your FwTag Creations license number. You may put tagged by,made by or whatever and your nickname/tagger name. A website/store URL is not required on facebook timeline cover creations,you may add the URL however if you wish to do so. Any questions or problems,please use the contact us page.